Emotion Sells: The Masterclass

Take the guesswork out of high-converting websites

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Take the guesswork out of high-converting websites

Get the skills you need to achieve the record-breaking results you've always wanted and create websites people love to convert to.

What if you could:

  • 10X the results you get for your business, boss or clients.
  • 10X your salary or the fees you charge
  • 10X your confidence every time you make a change on a page, launch a test or pitch ideas to your boss, client or team.

Custom-designed for digital marketers, optimization teams, founders and freelancers, the ‘Emotion Sells: The Masterclass’ is the missing link in your growth strategy:

  • 20+ easy to follow lessons and video trainings. Practical 10-15 minute lessons you can put to practice immediately to increase conversions.
  • Access to 20+ templates, checklists and insider conversion optimization resources - these are the very ones I use these with ALL my clients, and the very ones you can use with your clients starting ASAP.
  • Weekly office hours access with me, Talia, where I’ll give you personal feedback, keep you accountable and answer every question you've got when it comes to optimizing for emotion.
  • Live group coaching calls with me, Talia and surprise guest experts, twice a month, every month so you can ask all your questions, get feedback on your work and brainstorm new ideas.
  • A private, student-only community where you can connect with peers, share ideas, and get feedback from people who get you.
  • Live AMA’s with expert guests -- Marketers who work with the biggest brands in the world, in our community answering your specific questions.


INCREASE REVENUES BY 86% on a top fashion e-commerce site (below) in less than one month by using two emotional triggers to nail the messaging, design, color psychology, images, UX, and call-to-action.

INCREASE SIGN UPS BY 316% on a landing page for an online presentation platform by using emotional triggers (copy and design).

INCREASE PAYING USERS BY 304% using emotional triggers (color, design, messaging, UX, call-to-action) to communicate the simplicity and high success rate associated with the dating service website.

This Masterclass Is Made To Eliminate Every Frustration You Have When It Comes To…




Take the guesswork out of high-converting websites.

In just 6 weeks, you could round out your optimization strategy and build-in “emotion sells” techniques that will help you:

  • Get into your customers’ heads so you can speak their language, build trust and increase loyalty.
  • Fix the leaks in your funnel so you can double your sales, leads, and downloads.
  • Make more money for your clients or your business over and over again.

What You’ll Learn Inside Emotion Sells:

After you enroll you’ll get immediate access to 4 in-depth modules where I guide you step-by-step through the work required to optimize your websites, landing pages and emails.

Module 1: Mapping out your path to emotions and conversions

  • We’ll do a complete overview of Emotion Sells techniques and the step-by-step process we’ll go through to increase your conversions with emotion.
  • We’ll dive into the the foundations of the emotional targeting framework and review the step-by-step process that uses emotions to grow conversions.
  • Explore real-life case studies, examples and best practices you can apply in your business immediately.
  • Understand the 3 most important pillars of emotional targeting and how you can use each one to grow and increase conversion rates immediately.

Module 2: Getting into your customers’ and clients heads

  • Discover exactly why customers buy from you, what their emotional drivers are, their concerns, hesitations and how they expect you to speak to them.
  • Discover the pitfalls and leverage of your competitors, learn to critique your current assets from an emotional standpoint, discover where your team is and what your customers think about you, using my frameworks, worksheets & checklists.
  • We’ll identify your customers’ emotional triggers, layout your content strategy, new testing ideas and your key messages from that day on.

Module 3: Optimizing with emotion

  • Define the images, colors, fonts, social proof and other elements you need to use based on your customer’s emotional triggers so you never have to waste time and energy creating websites your customers don’t care about.
  • Follow the examples and frameworks I use to map out AB testing ideas or launch new variations without testing.
  • Complete the Emotional Targeting Framework, which includes 2 complete A/B test outlines you can use to:
    • Test immediately
    • Align with your team
    • Prepare a testing plan
    • Map out design & copy for every single ad, landing page, pricing page, Email marketing campaign, and funnel you launch

Module 4: Putting your work to the test

  • Map out the final 4 hypotheses you want to test, based on the Emotional Targeting Framework.
  • Learn how to:
    • run meaningful A/B tests.
    • share this framework with your designer.
    • reuse this framework in future tests.
  • Watch as I walk-through additional case-studies and map out the exact step-by-step process I used to double and triple their conversion rates.

Practical lessons you can use to increase conversions immediately

The course consists of short action-oriented video lessons that are anywhere between 10-15 minutes. You can watch the video lesson, and then, jump into your task for the week

Video lessons feature popular topics like…

  • How to choose the right colors and images for your designs
  • How to write effective surveys
  • How to write persuasive copy
  • How to discover what emotions drive your customers

And in the end you’ll be able to apply for a Certificate of completion

If you complete the course and homework, you’ll receive an certificate of completion you can post on your social profiles and website.

Course Materials and Resources

You’ll get access to all the resources, checklists, templates and worksheets I use with all my clients.

20+ ready-to-use templates, worksheets and checklists to fast-track your progress, save you time and keep you in check including:

  • The emotional targeting worksheet, including 223 different emotional triggers you can use to increase conversions
  • The Color Persuasion Wheel – to choose persuasive colors for your designs
  • Access to my EXCLUSIVE 80+ questionnaire I send out to all my clients
  • Survey templates with 40+ sample questions you can use immediately
  • Checklists for A/B testing and for choosing images, fonts and colors
  • 10 key insights from case studies that you can apply in your optimization process
  • My complete list of stock photo sites and images I use for my clients
  • 100+ copy formulas
  • The exclusive competitor analysis and SWOT worksheet
  • Social proof worksheets and templates
  • The complete emotion targeting framework
  • Any many more

“There are so many actionable practices, guides, and worksheets that you can use for years to come. ” ~ Emily Schickli, Email Marketing Manager at Course Hero

Private Community & Ongoing Support

All the help you need in our private communities & by-monthly calls from Talia, her team and guest experts!

  • Weekly office hours access with me, Talia focused on your unique roadblocks. You send me your homework or pages and get personal feedback from me, actionable insights, guidance and ideas for optimizing your landing pages, campaigns, emails and websites.
  • By-monthly live group coaching calls with me and surprise guest experts, to answer all your questions, learn new bonus lessons, get feedback on your work and brainstorm new ideas.
  • A private, student-only community - You never have to optimize alone, again, with daily access to Talia and a supportive community of savvy marketers . A private community, featuring the most zealous and supportive digital marketers on the web (AKA the type of people you want to hang with online).
  • Live AMA’s with expert guests -- Marketers, SEO & PPC managers, designers, heads of marketing, copywriters and more, in our community answering your specific questions.

Your Instructor

Talia Wolf
Talia Wolf

As founder at GetUplift, Talia uses customer-centric conversion optimization, emotional targeting and persuasion to generate more revenues, leads and sales for businesses.

Talia is a conversion optimization specialist, consultant, trainer and speaker. She’s taught on stages such as Google, MozCon, CTAconf, Search Love and many more and was recently listed as one of the most influential experts in conversion optimization.

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